get rid of cables on the floor with our floor boxes

Floor boxes for interiors

Electric plugs for interiors in the floor that you don't know about them

Why our floor boxes?

  • Modern design for every interior
  • Quality processing
  • Variable solution for electric, data and TV distribution at the same time
  • Option of other types of sockets and connectors
    - eg VGA, HDMI, audio, etc.
  • Solution for every space (exterior and interior)
  • Small size and easy maintenance


Don't know where to plug in the lamp, speakers or computer in the middle of the room? There is a simple and elegant solution - our design floor boxes. They are almost invisible in the room.


Where to place floor boxes?

Interior electric floor box STAKOHOME-8802-BOur floor boxes are suitable for both apartments and family houses, as well as interesting and luxurious buildings, office spaces, etc. These electric floor boxes can be easily installed near of floor heating thanks to the materials of floor boxes.

Interior floor boxes are designed for a load capacity up to 120 or 130 kg, so it is possible to place on the floor box for example leg of sofa or table. Do not worry that you can not stand on the floor box or place something on the floor box if it is needed.

In the interior, floor boxes can be placed under the table, next of the sofa or under the stand-alone lamp or speaker. Floor boxes can be in different designs - you can choose a model just for your interior from the category of interior floor boxes.


Interior electric floor box STAKOHOME-9902-A


Which connectors can be mounted in the floor box?

Equipment, we mean the quantity and type of sockets, depend entirely on the customer's wiches. Next of the socket 230V is possible to use additional sockets, for example TV-SAT, PC, DATA, HDMI, audio or others (as required by customer). Thanks to this option, a large floor box can be used as a single point in the living room for TV, lamp, internet acces, audio assembly not only for power, but also for data cables. Is possible the whole range of connectors and the equipment of the floor box. It is only on customer's imagination and where the floor box will be placed.

For any consultation, which connectors can be used in the floor box, do not hesitate to contact us.


A large floor box STAKOHOME-8808-T for electric sockets

Installation of floor boxes

Floor boxes in the interior need to be dealt with before putting the floor covering and casting of the concrete (depending on the type of the floor). Installation is very simple and depending on the particular installation. Floor boxes are for example concreted or screwed to the floor.


Variants of interior floor boxes

Design variants and types of interior floor boxes are a whole line. Thanks to this, we are able to satisfy any demanding client who requires perfect hiding of the sockets. Ready are also interior floor boxes for double floors (the most common use in administration buildings). It is possible to choose not just the design but also the possibility of inserting the floor decoration on the lid as well as according to what is the priority use of the floor box in the room.

Stakohome design electric interior floor boxes

We also supply exterior and special floor boxes

We are not supply only floor boxes for interior use, but you can also find floor boxes for exterior with a protection class IP67. In variants as pull-out floor boxes, energy columns, or built-in the ground for placement in gardens, garages, terraces, parking houses, administration buildings, squares, etc. Combination with CEE 400V sockets is also possible.

Outdoor electric floor boxes Stakohome