get rid of cables on the floor with our floor boxes

Floor boxes for exterior

Design outdoor electric floor box for exterior

Why our outdoor floor boxes?

  • Modern design
  • Quality processing, waterproof, a protection class up to IP67
  • Variable solution for electric, data and TV distribution at the same time
  • Option of other types of sockets and connectors
    - eg VGA, HDMI, audio, etc.
  • Solution for every space (exterior and interior)
  • Easy maintenance


Maybe you didn't even think of this option because you thought the floor box was just a matter of interior. The truth is that we also have a great solution for exterior. Outdoor floor boxes are also useful as well as interior floor boxes.

The main task of each floor box is to bring electricity where you need it. No matter whether it is a work desk in the middle of a living room, a deck chair, BBQ on the terrace or bench at the back of the garden.

Outdoor garden floor box STAKOHOME-7702-EOutdoor floor boxes are most often installed under the lawn or underneath the pavement. Outdoor floor boxes help you not just with the smooth running of the lawn-mower, but also any garden tool that requires a connection to the power. If necessary, it is not a problem to place the floor box next of the entrance for cars because floor boxes are loadable up to passenger cars.

If you like to grill in the gardern or patio, in some cases you need to have a prepared electrical outlet. At the swimming pool it is advisable to have a prepared underground electrical socket for various devices, attractions, cleaners, etc. Outdoor power socket is indispensable in winter when installing christmas light decoration.

Among the advantages of outdoor floor boxes, besides 100% safety, quality workmanship, and design, there is also their versatility that bring solution for every space. It only depends on your wishes, and it may well be non-standard. Underground floor boxes in the exterior can be equipt by connectors for data, TV or speaker. In addition to conventional 230V, they can also supply 400V.


Outdoor floor box with power sockets STAKOHOME-7602-AWhere to place outdoor floor boxes?

Outdoor floor boxes are produced in several variants for various uses. The first row are underground floor boxes, suitable for places around family houses like terraces, gardens, garages but also used at administration buildings, parking spaces, and the like. Their advantage is a simple installation, easy handling and access to them. These sockets can be purchased in two versions. The first version is not lockable, so it is most suitable for private use and the lid is possible to open using a special key designed to easily open the floor box. The second version is a floor box that can be locked by a security key. These types of floor boxes are more suitable for public spaces such as parking houses, administration buildings, shopping centers, public parks or gardens and more ...

Underground pull-out floor box with power sockets STAKOHOME-SV-008The second variant of outdoor floor boxes are called as pull-out floor boxes. These are power sockets that are built into the ground in sockets box. When you want to get to the floor box, it is necessary to unlock it and pull it out of the ground. The floor box will create a column on which the sockets are as required by the customer. These versions are suitable especially for outdoor public spaces such as squares, streets, parking spaces, warehouses and the like ... Outdoor energy column with power sockets STAKOHOME-ES-2ROutdoor energy column with power sockets STAKOHOME-ES-2R

Another option for outdoor sockets are energy columns. They are power sockets on the column and they are not hidden. Their use is variable and can be placed in parking spaces (for example charging electro cars), on terraces or in the garden for many uses.

From the above variants, has been developed a separate section of floor boxes for industrial use with CEE 400V power sockets. You can also find there lockable, openable lids or slides / pull-out floor boxes.

Most underground outdoor floor boxes can be run over by cars.

Design outdoor floor box for electric or internet STAKOHOME-7602-A

What about the protection of floor boxes?

With our floor boxes in the outdoor environment, you do not worry about them. All outdoor floor boxes are designed for outdoor use and they are waterproof with a protection class IP67.

A couple of underground floor boxes are possible to extend by the adapter. Thanks to the adapter is possible to use the floor box all year round.

Outdoor floor socket STAKOHOME-7601-A



Installation of outdoor floor boxes

Outdoor floor boxes must be properly docked in the ground so that the floor box doesn't move. When you are planning to mount the floor box on the terrace or a solid floor, it is necessary to solve the floor box before laying the floor covering or before pouring the concrete (according to a specific project). Installation is very simple and depending on the floor composition and the selected floor box.


We also supply floor boxes designed for interiors

Our sortiment is not just about outdoor underground floor boxes. You can also find floor boxes for every interior. They are suitable for apartments, family houses, office spaces and so on. Internal floor boxes are built-in the floor and you can choose from many designs for any needs of the customer.

Stakohome floor sockets for interior